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fix non de localized date formats
author gregor@srvint01
date Thu, 17 Sep 2020 16:10:48 +0200
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* Bugs

** TODO [#A] Problem Details: <pre> bad formating if text is too wide
** TODO [#A] mobile portrait mode
*** Forms: labels above field
*** activity save: smaller
*** Hamburger

** TODO [#A] Activtiy links to paginated site does not work
* Enhancements

** Refactor
*** TODO [#A] add more tests
*** TODO [#A] Refactor view class hirarchy
*** TODO [#A] Refactor css classes
    and stylesheets, bugs in css (see firefox errors)
*** TODO [#A] Refactor base.html
    smaller - new tags or more bases?
**** Refactor Root - children - child -> master -details - detail
**** move master-detail logic from base.html to new masterdetail.html
     more generic, not all sites are master - detail

*** TODO [#B] Replace german texts with english
    and move german to po file
*** TODO [#B] Change raw objects to ddl db-views

** Usability
*** TODO [#A] index.html
    - login link also to register in text
    - make 2 sites, landing page shorter, extra page for longer content
      (comparison to todo apps, paper)
*** TODO [#A] Label Problem Titel -> 'Name', descr - long description'
*** TODO [#B] Intro video
    - Start with main selling point
    - show more than one task, problem, activity
    - explain difference prio task / problem
*** TODO [#C] edit/delete link in child line
*** Activities Listview
**** Design
***** TODO [#B] replace first indentation with flat header
      see mockup from Franz
***** TODO [#B] remove nesting when no subitems
**** TODO [#B] performance
     enbale db based paginating, replace raw query with orm or make raw query
**** TODO [#B] Problem activities: Links from date / type header to tasks activity header
     links back from problem to day in tasks
*** TODO [#C] Column LastActivity: href to Activity
*** TODO [#C] Form validation error messages styling
    for example non numerical value in beat
*** TODO [#C] Indicate mandatory fields with a * in the label

** Technical improvements
*** TODO [#C] SET SESSION only for lognrequired views
*** TODO [#A] Performance
    enable caching for static pages, not if authentificated
    profile typical request
    stress / load test

** Additional functionality
*** TODO [#B] Search for aktivities
*** TODO [#A] CalDav Integration
*** TODO [#B] Translate to english
*** TODO [#B] Time in activities
*** TODO [#B] Metronom in actvities
    for speed up technical work
*** TODO [#B] Record in app activities / log
    vists, ansynchronus batch processing with notify/listen?
*** TODO [#B] Statistics, metrics
    add metrics, practice days per week,
    in app activity, activities per day/week etc.
    total karma points
*** TODO [#B] Diary
*** TODO [#B] Upload Videos, Audio, pdfs, fotos
    to task, problem and activity
*** TODO [#B] External links
    to task, problem and activity
*** TODO [#B] practice interval for problems
    - interval definition like caldav recurring events (at the moment 1 day is
      implicit assumed for all)
    - sort order in todo tab is difference to due date
*** TODO [#C] Search / query in activities
*** TODO [#A] RLS with groups and access bits like unix file system
    for sharing links with teacher for example
*** TODO [#C] Register without email
*** TODO [#C] Activities drilldown
*** TODO [#C] Public Work / Problem / Excercise db
*** TODO [#C] security: admin database user
    restrict normal database user
    problems with RLS and views:
*** TODO [#C] Activity to task
    simplified version, leafe out problems